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Our Mission

Arrange the Ramadan iftar for deserving peoples

Ramadan is the holy month of Islamic calendar which Muslims reflection, soul searching and refreshing our iman. This holy month of Ramadan Muslims try to save ourselves hellfire to give (Sadaqa) and good deeds. Prophet (SAW) encourage Muslims Ummah for this purpose is sadaqa (charity). Iftar is one of the major and religious observances of Ramadan and is often done Muslims community. Iftar time peoples gathering to break their fast together. Iftar time just start the Maghrib azan which is around sunset. Mostly and traditionally manner dates are eaten to break the fast in emulation of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Muslims believes that doing Iftar someone very rewarding and it’s kind of charity. In the holy month, we arrange the iftar dinner for the deserving community of society and their families. And also facilitate the food packages for needy and deserving families entire Ramadan on daily basis. These food packages include daily cooked and eatable items. Therefore they spend their religious months smoothly. We are also trying to arrange a Eid gift like clothes and shoes for families and their children.

Free education and equipment for deserving children

Education is the fundamental right of every human being so that they have the ability to read, understand and write. But owing to financial problems many people cannot afford money to be educated. Pakistan is a developing country and half of the population of uneducated due to lack of resources and unequal distribution of the wealth. Through education, we are able to prosper our children. Therefore we have an aim to help every child to get an education. GOVT of Pakistan take a positive step free education of deserving children in Pakistan. But it is not enough for children. The requirement of the daily proper meal and uniform and books and stationery is a big challenge for the deserving student. Our purpose we are encouraged to going to school that’s kind of deserving children and provide and fulfill some essential like a proper meal, books, bags, uniform, stationary etc. on regular basis.

Rozgaar facilitation for needy and deserving people

Halal Rozgaar essential for striving and survive for the life of a person and their families. Unemployment is a big issue in our country. Young generation educated and non-educated is a big no of unemployment. This the reason for the hopeless and frustration in the peoples of our society. GOVT unable to create enough no’s of jobs for youth. That’s why millions of peoples of Pakistani detract and hopeless. Day by day increase the no of deserving peoples and unemployment. We take one small initiative for the needy and deserving peoples which facilitates the help out the small setup of the Rozgaar. Encourage the generate self-employment by owners and their families, and make money from it. Provide Rikshaw for men. Stitching machine for ladies, facilitate the food dhaba etc.